Woohoo All-Natural Deodorant Paste is 100% natural. No nasties, no BS.

Toxins like aluminium salts (used in anti-perspirants, which Woohoo are NOT) block your pores and try to stop your body’s natural sweating process.

On the other hand, a natural deodorant like Woohoo lets your sweat escape and absorbs it instead to help lessen that wet feeling. Much kinder, right?

Woohoo think using a deodorant that’s packed with unsafe ingredients is the pits (pardon the pun!). Especially when you take a minute to think about the fact that aluminium salts are a known toxin and have been linked to some serious health outcomes. Scary!


Woohoo uses ingredients like magnesium hydroxide, olive leaf extract and bicarb soda to banish B.O., clays and activated charcoal to absorb sweat, and essential oils for that great deo scent.

Nothing nasty here. No way.