Preconception Care

Preconception care is the period of time, usually 3-4 months, before you begin trying to conceive where you and your partner prepare yourselves.

Our Preconception Care Program carefully guides and supports you and your partner through the conception process. We will address and work on the issues surrounding both the male and female partners’ fertility, which will increase the likelihood of a healthy pregnancy and birth, and minimise the chances postnatal depression. Valued at over $1500, here's some of what you get out of it:


6 x Comprehensive conception based Naturopathy consults + ongoing external support


Information and education around understanding your cycle and how to spot ovulation. 

Information on how sperm are created and what they need in order to be optimised.


Individualised nutrition and lifestyle advice from qualified Naturopaths. Plus supplements required for preconception health.

Herbal support

1x 500ml Personalised liquid herbal to support fertility and your emotional needs. Stress is such a big factor in fertility.

Meal Plans

A complete nutrition plan tailored to you (upon request), as well as 50+ healthy
preconception targeted recipes to get you involved in your biggest pillar of health!


Pathology test referrals for individual requirements.

Sperm count and ovulation kits if requested.

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