Updated Services

Since the new year, there have been a few changes around here. The most obvious is that we are offering apothecary services, which includes individual herbal tinctures and herbal products.

Working 1-on-1:

This is where the biggest changes are. I have joined the team at Jessica Cox Nutrition and am so excited to start. This does mean I will be offering my naturopathy consulting services through JCN. To see me, you can book appointments through JCN clinic (located on Queen St, near H&M). The link is easily found on my services page. This only means better care for you and the backing of an exceptional team of Nutritionist and Naturopaths. I look forward to any of my clients coming to see me there.

Health Coaching and Programs:

This option will be available online and includes individualised treatment but in smaller doses. We arrange a call every week or month, depending on the level of support you need, as well as being apart of monthly group calls where we work on a specific health topic. There will be little assignments and chances to ask questions freely during any of these calls. You can choose to subscribe to our 'Care Of Me' boxes to experience the full aspect of Health Coaching.

We will also still be offering our Preconception Care Program. Our Preconception Care Package carefully guides and supports you and your partner through the conception process. We will address and work on the issues surrounding both the male and female partners’ fertility, which will increase the likelihood of a healthy pregnancy and birth, and minimise the chances postnatal depression. Valued at over $1500. This is a massive savings, which is especially needed before planning a baby. If your are wanting to join our Preconception Care Program, head to our website and scroll down.

You can book an appointment through the button, through email, or give us a call. We'd love to work with you!

Care of Me Subscription Box

Our wellness subscription boxes are aimed at providing practitioner grade guidance and products to support your health. It's the ultimate form of self-care. Each box is a different theme! What's Included?

Health/Personal Development Most boxes will include a personal development or health book on the box's topic that will help you grow your healthy habits or learn more about yourself. This gives you plenty of time to work your way through the box. We also add our formulated workbook based on the theme. Each includes info sheets on herbs, nutrients, breathing exercises, meditations.. and more! ​ Self-care & Lifestyle Items Each box will be packed with 4-5 products to motivate you and help your business grow…like herbal teas, healthy snacks, recipes, essential oil rollers, and masks.​ This is the fun stuff! In our March box we included - biscuits, insence, a crystal, and tulsi tea. Exclusive Content You get access to a plethora of digital resources including our subscriber blogs, pilates classes, secret recipes and free email access to a Naturopath for quick questions. All in one place! ​We round up all the great resources and tools for you, so you can benefit straight away.

While our March box has already gone out, we will be planning and updating you all on the June box very soon! Subscribe now.