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Working 1-on-1:
Naturopathy is all about looking at the details to see the bigger picture. We see the root cause and treat that to bring your health back into full focus. You know your body best, and if it doesn't feel right, maybe it's time to explore that. Most often, we will use a combination of herbs, nutrition, and lifestyle routines to get you back to optimal homeostasis. We take very detailed notes in order to see how all the body system interconnect, because nothing works in isolation. This leads us to a root cause which we then design an individualised treatment plan around, deciding in partnership which steps will work in your life.



Where can you find me?
Brisbane Based & Online - JCN Clinic

An initial appointment is required for all new clients. This is a 90 minute session ($195) where we delve deep into your health history and assess what would make the biggest impact for you.
A follow up ($110-$140) is required at least 4-6 weeks after an initial to assess if the plan is achieving the goals we set in the initial. This is only 30-45 minutes maximum. Currently, these are offered through JCN Clinic Monday through Wednesday and alt Saturdays. Please send an email to  

Ipswich Based & Online - Healing Hands Ipswich
An initial appointment is required for all new clients. This is a 60 minute session costing $220. Please note it is vital that you book both your first and second naturopathy at the same time ~ approximately 1 week apart to ensure no delay in getting your health journey started! The second naturopathy visit is called “Report Of Findings” ($140). Follow ups every 4-6 weeks ($75) might be necessary depending on the treatment goals we set. Consults at Healing Hands Ipswich are available Thursdays. Please email -

Thanks Mickayla! Labour went super well... went into active labour around 9 or 10am... went into the hospital and was checked around 2pm and was 7cm, then ended up having [baby girl]  at 3:15. 10 minutes of pushing and she was out! Couldn't have asked for a better experience! 

[ after taking a custom herbal to support labour ]


Siblings in White

Preconception Care E-course

Preconception care is the period of time, usually 3-4 months, before you begin trying to conceive where you and your partner prepare yourselves.

Our Preconception Care E-course carefully guides and supports you and your partner through the conception process. We will address and work on the issues surrounding both the male and female partners’ fertility, which will increase the likelihood of a healthy pregnancy and birth, and minimise the chances postnatal depression. Valued at over $800, here's some of what you get:


6 x Comprehensive conception based workshops with homework that you can do at your own pace.


Information and education around understanding your cycle and how to spot ovulation. 

Information on how sperm are created and what they need in order to be optimised.


Nutrition and lifestyle advice from qualified Naturopaths. Plus suggested supplements recommended for preconception health.

Herbal support

Naturopathyic advice on including herbal medicine to your advantage throughout the process.

Meal Plans

A complete cookbook with 50+ healthy preconception targeted recipes to get you involved in your biggest pillar of health!


Pathology test recommendations to ask your GP. How to know what you're looking for and where they should be.


Available at JCN Clinic (Queen St, Brisbane)

Mon - Wednesday, and alternating Saturday's.

Available Thursday's at Healing Hands Ipswich.