About Us

What do Naturopath's do?

Naturopaths work holistically (with all aspects of you) to get to the underlying cause(s) of health conditions. We spend time listening to your whole story, understanding you.

The various naturopathic tools - herbs, diet and lifestyle - are individually tailored to your unique health picture to enhance your vitality, health and well-being. Your consult may also include iridology or flower essences, if that is indicated.

Our naturopaths believe in using food as medicine first and foremost, and creating healthy changes so you can get back to health for good. The Rosemary Naturopathy specialties include working with preconception and pregnancy, gut disturbances, mental health and sports nutrition, to name a few.

If you would like to see a Naturopath to make changes or discuss your health, appointments are available under the 'bookings' tab.

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Our Story

​Mickayla, the founder, completed a Bachelor of Health Science in Naturopathy and became fascinated with the process of gut health and everything that interferes with. Seeing the threat that environmental toxins and poor lifestyle habits have on this process, she opened Rosemary Naturopathy in December 2020 to bring practical healthcare and natural medicine to those in need. The Rosemary Naturopathy clinic is currently located Online, where Mickayla offers weekend and Monday consults. On Wednesday mornings, you can find her at WholeLife Newmarket.

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