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What We Do -

Meaningful, practical healthcare

Mickayla, the founder, completed a Bachelor of Health Science in Naturopathy and became fascinated with the process of health and everything that interferes with. She opened Rosemary Naturopathy in 2020 to bring practical healthcare and natural healthcare to those in need. Based in Brisbane, the clinic also offers online telehealth consultations, expanding their reach Australia-wide.


The clinic's goal is to educate and empower patients through diet and lifestyle shifts, using evidence-based herbal medicine and nutrition - with a little bit of love. We also offer handmade and natural healthcare products in our online store.

Our naturopaths believe in using food as medicine first and foremost, and creating healthy changes so you can get back to health for good. The Rosemary clinic specialties include working with preconception and pregnancy, family health, gut disturbances, mental health and nutrition, to name a few.


Handmade Herbals

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